day 2

We awoke to pouring rain and wondered if we should stay put for the day. But by 11, the clouds broke up and the day turned fine. We broke camp and headed out. We knew that we could not make it all the way around the headlands of Western Head, so we wanted to position ourselves as close as possible to it for the following day.

On the way, we stopped for a rest at this old homestead. The outhouse on the right looked like it still might be functional. We did not test it out.

campsite lorrie

There looked to be no camping sites beyond Bridgeport Harbor, so we paddled up to that point. John found a fine big storm beach at Puzzle Bay that he wanted to stay on that night. But we suggested looking a little farther. We never found a nicer spot, but we were loathe to go back. So we settled into Little Bridgeport Harbor on this grassy slope.

john landpaddle
John threatened to go back to his nice storm beach, but we didn't take it too seriously. He soon got over it and settled into the important matter of creating a kitchen with his ultra-tarp.

Only a little attitude displayed while setting up....

Phil studiously ignores John and plots to be the next to use up some of the heavy bulky food in his boat for the night's group dinner.

Our view from deep in the harbor. It was a quiet evening with good weather. I was surprised by the depth of quiet - no crickets or insect sounds at night. The silence was deep and peaceful. 

Mileage = 8 miles

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