Fortune Bay, South Coast
Gear Reviews

NRS Hydroskin Socks
I took along a pair of wool socks but never used them. These hydroskin socks were just perfect. I wore them under the drysuit if it was cold. I wore them with my camp shoes in the evenings. My feet stayed warm enough, and completely dry. Didn't matter if the shoes got wet or not. These were a total success. Only negative aspect is that they got pretty stinky by trip's end.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter


There were many water sources in Fortune Bay, so I didn't have to carry all the water for my trip. As it turned out, I carried enough after all, but I wanted to try out this filter system so I collected some stream water and tried it out. Couldn't be simpler, very powerful filter, and easy to use. You can drink directly from the filter, or squeeze the water out into a pot. I tried it both ways and was happy with the results. I think I'll be carrying even less water with me in future.

NRS Hydrolock Chart Case


I've had this case on 3 trips now, and it has never leaked. The clear plastic is still clear. Excellent product.

Energy Supplements


Gu shots seem like a good idea, but the texture is just awful when my energy is dive-bombing. No more gu.


These waffles, OTOH, were just exactly the thing. There was something to EAT. They are soft enough that they don't crumble in the pack when they're stuffed in a pocket. They taste really good (try the lemon!). These will be my go-to energy supplement in future.

Counter Assault Bear Spray


I can't honestly assess the effectiveness of this spray, a fact for which I'm grateful. But I can say that I slept better with it by my side. Canadian border patrol had to have a look at it, but they gave it the okay to enter the country.

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